The Michelin Man – Gourmet Stars

Tyre company founder André Michelin published the first edition of his guide to help drivers maintain their cars, find decent lodging, and eat well while touring France. By now Michelin offers hotels and restaurants through their Guide which is the leader book in gastronomic and travel industry.

As a tyre manufacturer we appreciate their work but now we would like to show you their other main activity which is the Michelin Guide. There are two kind of this guide: Green and Red.

Green Michelin Guide is for each French region, but contains data for many countries, regions, and cities outside France. Most Green Guides are available in several languages. They include background information and an alphabetical section describing points of interest. Practical and comprehensive, the Green Guide offers guidance on what to see and background information on history and cultural heritage. Maps and itineraries make planning easy, whether visiting the highlights or venturing off the beaten track. Sights are rated using Michelin’s reliable starred system: 3 stars means worth a journey, 2 stars sites are worth a detour and 1 star sites are interesting. Just an example for a hotel in Nice, France: Negresco.

Michelin Star: this is one of the most important prize in the gastronomical industry. Let’s see why?

Because of their reputation the Michelin Guides are subject to increasing amounts of scrutiny and criticism. To get even a single star from Michelin is very difficult. Stars were given by inspectors. Most of the time inspectors are unnamed and anonymous. Every restaurant is inspected by five categories such as quality of foods, perfection of the cooking and flavoring, style of the kitchen, price-value ratio and the frequency of the visiting. After a restaurant getting star(s) it has to keep it because different inspectors can go back anytime.

If a chef is innovative and make some new recipes or his foods have smoldering flavors than he has chance to get a star.

Here is a one Michelin star option in Barcelona: El Bistro offers fine dining from an à la carte menu featuring Mediterranean cuisine with a strong Catalan influence.

At this time only 54 restaurants were awarded by 3 star, like famous Alan Ducasse chef’s restaurant in Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris which is a popular choice for the most discriminating travelers.

Most famous chefs are in this category: Paul Bocuse, Joel Rubuchon, and Gordon Ramsey.

Bon voyage and appetit!

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The Different Types of Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Kona coffee is a favorite all around the world, and for good reason. It has a rich, big bodied taste that you can’t find in any other coffee. Kona coffee is grown on the island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island. Most of the coffee farms located in Kona (lovingly referred to as the gold coast of Hawaii) are owned and operated by local families who have been running the farms for generations.

There are different grades of Hawaiian Kona coffee to choose from, depending on the quality and size of the beans harvested. While many companies offer 100% Kona coffee, you have to be careful not to choose a brand that is labeled as a Kona blend as these mixes usually contain no more than 10% Kona coffee. The rest of the beans originate from lower quality harvests from Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa.

The coffee is sun dried right on the Island, and then roasted to perfect light, medium, and dark roasts. The beans are freshest right after roasting, but purchasing coffee in air tight packages and then freezing them will provide a longer shelf life and in fact, can help to make the coffee last up to six months.

It isn’t possible to use the brand name on the package to determine whether the product is truly Hawaiian Kona coffee. This is because as previously mentioned, many products label their coffee as being from Kona, while only a small percentage of it actually is. Instead you will have to look for the fine print and the ingredient list on the package in order to determine whether the coffee is what it seems to be, 100% roasted beans from Kona.

Medium roasted coffees tend to take on a robust, lively flavor. Some call medium coffees full city or Vienna roasts. Darker roasts are more full bodied in flavor and usually contain less caffeine than their counterparts. They’re considered French or Italian roast methods. If you visit the Big Island of Hawaii, you can easily find the Kona belt where numerous farms and mills are located. You can take tours and learn all about how Hawaiian Kona coffee it made.

But whether you can make it to the island or not, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the rich flavors of 100% true Kona coffee. While you may not be able to find a full Kona blend at your local brick and mortar store, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for right on the Internet. If you have never tried coffee from Kona before, consider trying the dark roasted blend in order to get a good idea of the true flavor of the beans.

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Biodegradable disposable plates – a whole new reason to party

We all enjoy a great party with our friends and relatives. And that is why there are many social occasions where it has become a norm for us to have a party. And we enjoy the parties so much that over and above these established social occasions we tend to look for other reasons so that we can have a party.

And if lately you have used up all the reasons you could think of to have a party, here is a great new reason to have a party. Biodegradable disposable plates are such an elegant and eco friendly new product that they deserve a party just to introduce them to your friends and relatives. Your friends will be delighted to see the great designs and the dinner will focus on an important issue of our times which is living a sustainable lifestyle. The quality biodegradable disposable plates are made of bamboo fiber which can decompose without the need for a compost pit.

And since bamboo fiber is a plentiful resource these biodegradable disposable plates are quite affordable which means that you can use them as often as you want. It used to be that, use and throw was a consumptive unsustainable life style but thanks to the biodegradable nature of these products the use and throw is a great convenience and it is also sustainable.

When your party is over and done you do not have to worry about setting up the dishwasher for washing a large number of plates and other dinnerware. And yet you do not have to feel guilty about creating garbage that will take up landfill space for years to come. So how do you make the switch to this great new product. Well it is easy. All you need to do is go online. You can conveniently browse through the options available and make your selection. You will find that you get great prices and you get the disposable plates delivered to your home. And when you have received them you can plan to call your friends home for dinner and show them the elegant new dinnerware that you have got. You can know more at

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Live lobsters delivered – Get Ready to Prepare a Sumptuous Meal

In this fast paced world where shopping food items have become a liability, the time has arrived when the home delivery business is the talk of the day. For all sea food lovers, the lobster is definitely a tempting option to consume as a meal. There are companies that advertise their efficiency and claim of “live lobsters delivered”. This forms their tag line.

But there are various factors that need to be kept in mind before one orders lobster from a particular company. The company should have the reputation of delivering fresh lobsters to its customers. The lobsters must be packed in temperature controlled boxes so that they retain their freshness. Also, when the lobsters are ordered, it is the responsibility of the customers to be present at the time of delivery. Such live lobsters are not delivered on the doorstep. Moreover, after the delivery is done successfully, the fresh lobsters should be cooked as soon as possible. The longer the time is taken in cooking, the rarer the chances of preparation being delicious. Hence, in order to prepare a mouth watering dish, it is important to cook the lobsters on the day of the delivery or may be the next day. There are some “live lobsters delivered” companies that provide you leaflets of different modes of preparation. One can take help of those leaflets in order to make a tempting meal. However, there are times shown the lobsters might not be fresh. Hence, customers must know about the policy of refund in order to prevent wastage of money on stale lobsters.

All these factors such as packaging, delivery refund policy and of course, the preparation leaflets need to be kept in mind before someone orders for lobsters from a lobster delivery firm. The lobsters that are packaged and delivered may not look like the ones that are freshly caught from the sea. This is because the appearance of the lobsters undergoes changes while the packaging is being done. Hence, one should not think that the lobsters delivered are not fresh or stale just because they look different from the one that are freshly caught.

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Finest of cuisine: coffee

It’s not just the matter of starting the day with it; millions of people take it in the night or evening. Fresh Coffee May be on a date, having a lonely time, spending the leisure time, having a wonderful view in front of your eyes etc fresh coffee is essential for these purposes.
A cup of fresh coffee can make you feel better, you can get rid of tiredness or if you are feeling sleepy, a cup of coffee can make you fresh and push you make to the work. Within five minutes you can make a cup of coffee which will lead to a wonderful day onwards. It’s so easy to make a cup of tea, what you need is the coffee and the water. Both of the things are most easily available everywhere. No matter you live in house, school hostel etc a cup of coffee can be the best breakfast for you which infect make your day like heaven.
The simple fresh coffee can be made in two minutes but if you want to make it more delicious and tasty you can add:
” Cream
” Chocolate
” Beans
” Wafers
” Essential oils
With adding some ingredients the fresh coffee can be made more delicious and appetizing. The immediate kind of coffee tends to contain a sour feel. It as well has fewer caffeine, which is single of the major reasons (sideways as of the flavor, obviously) why people imbibe it. So you boast to drink extra of this not incredibly excellent tasting drink to get the similar result as of a lesser, yummy spanking new cup!
Proponents of coffee direct business, especially producers who engage coffee growers directly argue that their model of business is the best. They argue that by dealing directly with coffee growers, they are not required to fulfill some coffee licensing requirements. They also are assured of continuous supply of coffee beans at stabilized prices and can therefore offer coffee growers better prices for their produce.\
For persons who are more particular urging, fresh coffee entails supplementary than gap up a can of ground coffee or paradise bar, a pre-made pack you plunge in the container. The epicure coffee drinker knows there’s method additional in the direction of fresh coffee than the standard coffee drinker. There a lot of diverse recipes everywhere coffee can be enjoyed. Coffee is mainly absolutely a grand element in cuisine. Seek coffee syrup. This is a mug of sugar sundry with dual potency coffee. It ought to be boiled in a pot and after that simmered over squat heat for a few proceedings. Try every potential; it can create substandard food preparation.

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Palatable Hawaii Kona Coffee – A Quick Review

The coveted Kona coffee is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Cultivated on the rich fertile soils of the Kona district of Hawaii, the coffee brings with it the unique flavour and aroma that tells the romantic and mystical story of its provenance. The favourable weather of the region is the main reason behind the magical flavour of the Hawaii Kona coffee. The mornings are bright and sunny in Kona and the afternoons are cloudy or rainy often, while the nights are mild and little breezy. Moreover, the soil is mineral rich and porous. All these create favourable conditions for cultivating this rich coffee.

Now you can bring the same magical flavour of the palatable Hawaii Kona coffee right at your coffee table that too without having to really work hard for the same. With the various online exotic coffee merchants offering an assortment of rare and exotic coffees, you can now order your favourite coffee with just a few mouse clicks. These exotic coffee merchants in Knightsbridge, London have their own website where you can find the different varieties of coffees available with them. The varieties you can choose from include the Royal Tonga coffee, Maui Island Estate coffee, Organic Kaffa Forest, Ethiopia, Greenwell Farms Hawaii kona coffee, Sea Island Espresso Blend, Geisha, Costa Rica, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and many more exotic and rare varieties of delectable coffee.

These online exotic coffee merchants offer free delivery within UK and for Europe and rest of the world there are minimal delivery charges that are applicable. Furthermore, these merchants offer gourmet coffee for the restaurants, hotels, and yachts. For retailers, there are various whole sale options as well. Besides this, the online merchants offer corporate gifts for client giveaways and special occasions.

You can order your favourite Kona coffee through the websites of these coffee merchants. All you have to do is choose your favourite coffee, specify the quantity and place the order. While ordering, you can further choose from the whole roast beans, ground for cafeteria, ground for filter and ground for espresso depending upon your requirement.

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Mandura’s Acai Berry Health, Read This Before You Join

The health and wellness industry is booming and one of the newest companies on the rise is Mandura. The Mandura product benefits health, through a juice beverage which utilizes the ingredients from four exotic fruit sources. The main component is the acia berry. The mixture derives from the Durian fruit and the Mangosteen combined with the Brazillian Acai berry and also the North American blueberry. This is a supreme arrangement of tastefulness and good health. Mandura is the brand name, the parent company is Solstice International. The Mandura beverage speaks for itself, it’s clearly one of the most delightful health drinks to come out of sunny Florida. Most of the competitors of Mandura typically use just one fruit or berry in their drinks, however Mandura has taken things a few steps further. The scientist at Mandura realized that by extracting the healthy nutrients from a combination of fruits, they have created the ultimate health drink beverage.

All people really want is something that will benefit health, and to combine that with an opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home, only adds to the value. Mandura is now embarking on their second year in business. This Florida based company was established in September of 2008. In order to be competitive in the health industry today you must bring something new to the table. It meant bringing a matchless creation to the mlm arenawith it’s own individuality. This Mandura beverage only uses pharmaceutical manufacturing practices to ensure that the consumer get only the best all natural product possible. That’s zero adatives and preservatives, allowing for the best flavor and natural tastes possible. It only takes a mere two tablesspoons of Mandura daily to receive the most benefits from the nutrients inside it. A bottle sells for approximately $30.

We did mention that Mandura was a Network Marketing Company, so let’s talk about this briefly. You can become a new rep or distributor for as little as $30. They give you a company website to assist with your marketing and sales efforts. Making a living from the comfort of your home is a huge reason why people get involved in MLM and Mandura wants you to succeed. So they have put in a fairlyuncomplicated and easy to comprehend marketing system. Nevertheless most new distributors who have never had an real marketing training will struggle, and a lot will quit from frustration. Home Based Business Ownership is a cultured skill set that goes far beyond just owning a replicated website. Newtork Marketing can be lots of fun, especially when you are successful and making money. But you need the skill set to have prospects seeking you out instead of the other way around.

Mandura products do have health benefits and I am certain that 2010 will be a huge year for this new MLM marvel. This is definitely the right industry at the right time, health products dominate the Newtork Marketing industry. It is also sad that I must let you know that your chances of success by directing people to website that the company owns and not you are pretty slim. As much as I love this industry it has a rate of failure that can be somewhat discouraging, 97% which is a lot for a new rep to swallow. Every Network Marketing company that I have encountered do offer some training, and many of the techniques may work. But what if there was better way to do things without the rookie distributor learning curve?

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Selecting the Correct Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for You

With a bean to cup coffee machine, you can savor fresh ground, flawlessly brewed coffee each time you need it. Whether you own your own enterprise and wish to offer some thing unique for the customers or possibly desire a luxurious product to use in your residence, this can be the ultimate way for getting high quality quality java on demand.

All you have to do to help make this type of coffeemaker do the trick is choose the coffee beans of your choice and put them back into the appropriate holder around the machine. Starting the controls is frequently completed by push button operations that can be easy and quick. A short time later, your beans shall be ground along with your coffee seamlessly brewed and awaiting you or your clients.

The most significant concern most of us have when choosing bean to cup coffee machines are the dimensions. A lot of the devices are quite large, which is often a good or bad thing depending on the volume of room you’ll have to dedicate to this specific item.

If you have plenty of area to spare, consider purchasing an appliance which includes room in order to stack cups, creamer, along with other frequently needed condiments when making a mug of coffee. This will store everything in one location therefore it’s much easier and much quicker to grab a cup while on the move.

Without having a great deal of space or maybe wish to work it right into a populated room with other equipment, give consideration to one of the more efficient versions made for saving space. They will not provide that much room with regards to mugs and various condiments, nonetheless they will provide flawlessly ground and made coffee each time.

You could expect a coffee machine for this style to brew not less than hundred or so cups per day. Lots of larger models could easily double or triple this number. This is not announcing you will have to make this much gourmet coffee every single day, nevertheless it reveals just what a specialized strength machine is capable of doing.

In the event you own your own small business and wish to offer coffee for your customers or have it constantly hot and ready to serve for whenever a client could enter, then a larger sized unit which usually brews an abundance of servings a day could very well be exactly what you need.

For the purpose of home use or in a lighter use setting, you might get by with a scaled-down product that is only capable of brewing 100 or so cups a day. It is very important that you evaluate exactly how much coffee you may want and exactly how much you could potentially require in the future before starting shopping around. This can stop you from investing in a system which may be more than you actually need.

Price ranges for this sort of model will understandably run you higher than a small, simpler coffee machine. Any additional cost arises from the additional process of breaking down the coffee beans directly into ground form that can be used automatically for refreshing brewed coffee.

Despite the additional expense, some products may now be located at relatively good prices for businesses as well as homeowners who want a little more luxury within their environment. The ideal way to find a bean to cup coffee machine that fits your requirements would be to shop online to ascertain specifically what this reasonably limited market is now providing.

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Muffin Mixes At Sticky Fingers Bakeries Make Gourmet Baking Easier Than Ever

Muffin mixes allow even the busiest people to enjoy the great taste of baked goods without the time and mess that goes into making them from scratch. Sticky Fingers Bakeries sells the finest muffin mixes available, giving everyone access to premium baked goods in the most convenient fashion possible.

Our muffin mixes brings great recipes together, letting customers experience unbeatable baked items across a wide range of tastes. Sticky Fingers Bakeries has worked hard to create gourmet muffin mixes for everyone’s palate. To accomplish this we offer delicious varieties such as Wild Blueberry, Cranberry Orange, Morning Glory, Apple Date Oat Bran and even Merry Eggnog Muffins [sold for a limited time during the holiday season].

We also sell a wide array of gourmet baked goods that extends far beyond just muffin mixes. Sticky Fingers Bakeries is dedicated to giving our customers every one of their favorite snacks in fresh, easy-to-bake mixes. Our bakers have compiled outstanding recipes and refined a catalog of items that includes premium scone, brownie, bread and, of course, muffin mixes. We also accompany these baked goods with English curds and Northwest jams that create an ideal topping for any of our breads, scones and muffins. All of our jams and curds are crafted in small, hand-made batches in order to ensure fresh taste with every order and we pick all fruit from the Pacific Northwest’s array of wild mountain berries. Whether you’re interested in Huckleberry-Raspberry jam or Lemon curds, Sticky Fingers Bakeries is the best place to look!

Every one of our bakery mixes is made with high quality, all-natural ingredients. Since Sticky Fingers Bakeries first opened, we have maintained a commitment to the creation of healthy products that show our customers that great taste doesn’t have to be accompanied by guilt. We refuse to add any artificial colors, preservatives or flavors and, because Sticky Fingers Bakeries uses only pure canola oil, each of our mixes contains no saturated fats or trans-fats!

Shop for our fantastic muffin mixes and more at one of the many Sticky Fingers Bakeries locations throughout the nation. We make it easy to find the nearest store in your area by giving you an online retailer location through our official website. You only need to enter your zip code and a search radius to see where the closest Sticky Fingers Bakeries stores are in your area. Our website also lets you keep up to date with the newest recipes and products on offer from our stores.

Why not brighten your mornings with a classic breakfast staple? Sticky Fingers Bakeries lets you enjoy fresh, all-natural snacks with our quality muffin mixes. Stop by one of our stores or browse our entire catalog of products online today to discover the array of treats sold at Sticky Fingers Bakeries!

For more information on Sticky Fingers Bakeries and its entire range of delectable muffin mixes, visit StickyFingersBakeries.

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Taste the 100% Pure Kona Coffee

Hawaii Kona coffee aficionados and connoisseurs all over the world love the magical aroma and the divine taste of this truly lip smacking coffee. Cultivated on the rich and fertile slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai in the South and North of the Kona District of the Hawaiian island, the Kona coffee brings with it the magic of its rich provenance.

The same 100% pure kona coffee is now available right online. With various exotic coffee merchants operating online today, you can relish your favourite Hawaii Kona coffee just any time you want. Besides the Kona, the other coffees offered by these online exotic coffee merchants include the truly delectable Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Royal Tonga coffee, Sea Island Espresso Blend, Philippine Alamid Kopi Luwak, and many other varieties of exotic and rare coffees.

Not only do these online coffee merchants let you choose from a vast variety of coffees, but also provide you with the method of preparing truly mouth watering coffee right at your home. You just have to place your order for the 100 pure Kona coffee beans to reach your doorstep in minimal possible time. All deliveries within the UK are free of additional shipping charges and are made via the Royal Mail Delivery system. However, there is minimal shipping charge applicable on orders outside the UK.

These online coffee merchants offer gourmet coffee to the yachts, restaurants, and hotels. They also offer various wholesale options to the coffee retailers. What’s more, you can choose from various exotic coffee gifts for your loved ones who love Blue Mountain coffee or the Pure Kona coffee. There are corporate gifts also available on the websites of these exotic coffee merchants.

Whether it’s Hawaii Kona coffee or Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee or just any other coffee that you prefer, buying it online brings multiple advantages. First of all, you get to experience the real taste of the pure coffee beans. Secondly, shopping online is a matter of convenience as well. Thirdly, you have so many vast varieties of divine coffees hand picked from various parts of the world. And last but not the least, you can expect price discounts as well.

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