How did the latte find its way onto your office desk?

The sight of a coffee machine first thing in the morning is common to many workers.
From Walking into the office and viewing these machines, a faith is installed that the energy to get through the day is only the push of a button away.

There are several different types of machine available for the working environment. Coffee dispensers have come a long way since the days of the stove top percolator and cafetieres. Below is a brief overview of the main types of coffee machine.

Drip brewing is still popular and often used when lots of coffee is needed. These are often used within a catering environment, for example in hotels.
The preparation is simple for members of staff; simply open a sachet of coffee pop a filter into the machine and the wait. The downside to this however is that as a consumer walking in to somewhere using a percolator, Picture an American diner in your mind, there is no guarantee of the freshness of the coffee. There is a real possibility that the coffee was brewed 5 minutes ago but then also it could be the same coffee heated for 5 hours not a pleasant taste to the coffee connoisseur!

The traditional espresso machine is also very popular and allows a multitude of options to be offered. These steam driving machines allow a rich strong coffee to be produced, there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans to spark the anticipation of your first cup of real coffee. The aroma, noise and taste created by these machines are really unrivalled. Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas and espressos are all easily made using the traditional espresso machine.
Your coffee experience has more personal feeling from the dispenser.

The single portion system and bean to cup machines allow a variety of refreshment in work environments and a break from the routine choice of with or without milk. Cappuccinos, Lattes and double espressos are available at the touch of button.

The modern coffee vending machines are clean, easy to use and produce hot drinks that bring a café feeling into your office. No more kettles are needed and indeed no more mess from the creation of tea or coffee. For cappuccino nobody is required to froth up milk, all that is required is the simple press of the cappuccino button.
This luxury makes it perfect for the office environment where a good cup of coffee and get the day started in the right direction.

The main giants of the in cup coffee market and have dominated since the 1980′s with their quality no fuss products.
The familiar taste of fresh coffee in the work place is easily delivered by the machines simple intuitive one touch operation. This makes refreshment simple and user friendly.

The rivalry between the two giants is brilliant news for the consumer as they strive to offer more affordable and economically viable solutions for coffee lovers in office environments. The evolution of the single cup machines has come from plastic machines in the early 90′s to sleek modern retro models in stainless steel that are energy efficient and reduce the drinks cost whilst replicating cafe quality flavours.

The coffee machine industry is huge, whether for use in the office or in a catering environment. The variety of options available means that you will never be short of choice when you most need a caffeine boost.
The office coffee machine is here to stay and now even closer to replicating the flavours found from using an authentic espresso coffee machine.
So next time your enjoying your favourite coffee remember things weren’t always so good and thank the demise of instant coffee in the office environment.

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Drinking to a Healthy Life – Benefits of Drinking Tea

Around 4700 years ago, Ancient Chinese people started their examinations on different variations of Camellia sinensis in order to discover and unlock their healthy effects on human bodies. Today, thanks to immense scientific studies and evidence, drinking tea is regarded as a healthy practice and has become one of the most widely consumed beverages around the world. Although much of the studies have been related to green tea, however, some studies conducted on the other types of tea derived from Camellia sinensis, such as white, oolong and black have suggested health benefits of tea consumption.

Tea is mainly produced in different parts of Asia, like India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Indonesia while best quality teas are grown in places of high altitudes. Its different flavor and colors are determined by the manner in which fresh tea leaves are processed which includes the length of time for which they are exposed to the oxidation process. Black tea, among the oolong, green and white teas, is the most oxidized, thus it is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine content than the other varieties. The leaves of green tea are exposed to minimal oxidation during processing. White tea is made up of leaves that are processed in a manner that allows them to wilt slightly and lose the rather grassy taste of green tea while undergoing minimal oxidation. While oolong is the tea that lies somewhere between black and green in oxidation. The level of oxidation ranges from 10 to 70%.

The health benefits of teas, like black, green, white and oolong are due to the presence of naturally occurring antioxidants and certain compounds found in them. These antioxidants, flavanoids and other polyphenols found in teas offer protection from heart diseases, cancer and stroke. Certain studies suggest that health teas help prevent and delay various cancers of the skin, lung, esophagus, stomach and colon. By promoting healthy arteries and veins and reducing blood clotting, certain studies suggest the protective role that teas play in reducing risk of heart disease and stroke. Flavanoids contained in teas provide protection from the damaging effects of free radicals that are naturally formed when the body uses oxygen. Tea leaves contain a significant amount of fluoride which helps in keeping tooth enamel strong, help reduce plaque and promote a healthy smile.

In order to extract potential health benefits from teas it is necessary to consume enough daily dose of this magic elixir. Consumption of 4 to 6 cups daily, for example, may produce favorable results as researched by certain medical associations. Daily consumption also provides a healthy dose of caffeine, about half as much as a cup of coffee but the actual amount depends on the tea blend, its preparation method and the brewing time.

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Should You Choose a Brand Name Coffee Maker or Not?

I’m a frugal person and usually choose off brands but with something as important as coffee, I decided that choosing a brand name coffee maker is better. There are several factors that helped me choose a brand name.

Branded or not: What is the coffee maker to be?

Let’s take a look at the actual qualities of coffee makers, in general. Once you read these tips, you’ll realize that I don’t usually pick my coffee maker based on price alone!

Looks: I like my kitchen and want it to be attractive. I don’t want cheap-looking, ill-designed equipment.

Manufacture Quality: Off brand or no brand machines tend to look and feel flimsy and rarely last more than a year, I’ve found.

Reliability: I’ve bought branded machines and I’ve also bought off brands. There’s nothing worse than turning on your off-brand drip coffee machine that you got for $10 and realizing that it’s decided to go on strike. I’d rather pay a little more and have a reliable machine with a decent warranty.

Repairs: Branded machines are easy to get parts for compared to off brands. Some stores will stock an off brand for only a short period of time, leaving you in the lurch if you have a problem. If you buy a good quality machine it’s easier to get replacement parts.

When, who, and why of using a coffee maker?

You also have to think about what you’ll be using your coffee maker for. Do you entertain often and need several cups at once? Or are you a person who just wants a cup or two in the morning and any other coffee you have is away from home?

If you’re the former you’ll want a coffee maker that makes at least 12 cups. If you only drink a couple of cups per day, a French press, Moka Pot or espresso machine would be ideal for your lifestyle.

What about convenience? Do you have the time to clean all the parts of a coffee maker each day or do you want something you can just rinse and let air dry? You may love espresso but before you buy a machine you should think about the maintenance; espresso machines make inferior shots if they are not cleaned after every use.

The Big Decision Time

Now that you have an idea of what’s on the market and how they work, you can choose the right coffeemaker for your needs. And while you can get away cheaply, I encourage you to buy the very best quality you can afford. Saving money on a coffee machine doesn’t make sense if you have to replace it twice a year.

You should also look at reviews of the types of coffee makers and see which ones people complain about the most. You’ll find many negative reviews listing the same problems and that means you should probably avoid that type or brand. There are also coffee makers that people are very satisfied with and those are the ones you should put high on your list.

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Ti Guan Yin – Greenish Oolong

Chinese Tea are non-blended, selectively harvested teas of origins and authentic tea plants. No addictives, natural or artifical used.A partially oxidized, tightly rolled tea originated 260 years ago and has become the most popular of all oolongs. Ti Guan Yin Light (Iron Goddess Of Mercy Light) is also the imitated tea. Quasi-herbal additives and flavouring are commonly used to disguise the look-alikes. Some are even highly priced.

Great Ti Guan Yin Light should be naturally processed to a balance for its orchidy fragrance and taste from strictly selected harvests in the origin and laurel seat of the legendary tea – Western Anxi, Fujian. Oxidation should be strong enough to allow for the distinctiveTi Guan Yin taste character. The reddish brown patches on the jigsaw edge of the infused leaves are good visual evidence.

For people who prefer lighter tastes, Ti Guan Yin Light is more economical than supreme variety as a regular drink. Those with excessive body heat can be use this to calm the energy, cool the system and refresh the mind.

Ti Guan Yin Light is a fine choice for the gourmets, and a friendly selection for the novice – results by various approaches and tryouts are pleasing.


Western Anxi, Fujian, China


Two selective harvests: April to May (spring) and October to November (fall) from the leaf buds and 2nd and 3rd leaves. Leaves should be young but half open. Multiple hand-turned partial oxidations for 8 to 10 hours. 3 rounds hand-rolled. Low temperature set-finished. No addictives.


With the crisp and refreshing fragrance like that of Chinese orchid after the rain. Smooth, crisp, light but strong infusion. Sweet after-taste.


Relaxing. Body-cleansing. Lowering of blood cholesterols and other fatty acids. Cooling of excessive body heat and quenching of the difficult thirst. Antiphlogistic.


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Miracle Fruit: Adds Zing to the Sourest of Foods

The miracle fruit that is botanically known as Synsepalum dulcificum is an incredible addition to your daily diet to make the unsavory foods palatable. The discovery of this amazing fruit with miraculous properties can be traced back to the 18th century in Ghana and Cameroon and later this miracle berry was brought into Europe. It is only recently that it is being commercialized as flavor-tripping additive that is eaten in the form of miracle fruit tablets or freeze-dried granules. The tablet form is preferred the most than the natural miracle berry since its shelf life is increased manifold.

The berry rewires the way the sour food tastes and enhances its sweetness wherein foods like lemon would taste like candy. It is not a sweetener in itself since it has no taste of its own. It is the active protein contained in the miracle berry which is referred to as miraculin that effectively curbs the acid and bitter flavors of foods thus accentuating the taste buds in the mouth. It nullifies the strong bitter taste that comes from either the acid or any other agent in foods that are too tangy and brings out the sweetness which is hidden in the foods in the form of natural sugars. Hence there is nothing artificial or superficial about these miracle berries.

Linda Bartoshuk is the scientist at the University of Florida who has done extensive research on these miracle berries and concluded that there are no dangers associated with the consumption of the miracle fruit. The berry is known to have its effects last in the taste buds for about 30 to 90 minutes. It is characterized with a nice pinkish red outer skin with a pulpy interior that has no characteristic taste of its own and this pulp surrounds an edible but bitter seed. The miracle fruit as well as the miracle fruit tablets can be sold as a dietary supplement but not as a sweetener in the U.S. but is accepted in Japan as a harmless additive. Thanks to the Japanese scientists, compressed freeze dried miracle fruit tablets are introduced in the market that lasts for about 12 months. In the UK, freeze dried granules are produced in Ghana and is being marketed.

The miracle fruit does miraculous changes to people who lose their appetite due to various reasons. For instance, cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy treatments are left with ruined taste buds. These patients already undergo a lot of weight loss due to the treatment and to make it worse food starts tasting metallic and bland to these people causing further loss of weight. Thus this causes malnutrition and subsequent electrolyte imbalance in the body. Miracle fruit in the form of fruits or miracle fruit tablets have proved to be a boon to these patients and has improved their tasting abilities and thus helps them to maintain a healthy body weight on account of the enhanced appetite.

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Activities That Damage The Brain – The brain is the main motor of our body. The brain is regulating all activities and work our bodies. Therefore, the health of the brain must be properly maintained. Because the disorder, disorders, or diseases of the brain will cause problems for our bodies.

foodlovers them know if there are some habits we do, which turned out to give bad effect to our brain. Maybe this time we are not aware, but before it’s too late and be bad, it helps us pick out aja yuk what the hell can make our damaged.

1. No Breakfast
Those who do not eat breakfast have lower blood sugar levels, which consequently supply of nutrients to the becomes less.

2. Overeat
Too much to eat, let alone a high fat content, can lead to hardening of blood vessels in the brain because of accumulation of fat in the blood vessel wall. As a result the ability of the will decrease.

3. Smoke
Inhaled substances in cigarettes would lead to rapid shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Consuming too much sugar
Consumption of too much sugar will cause disruption of the absorption of proteins and nutrients, causing nutritional imbalances that would interfere with development

5. Air Pollution
The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the so it can decrease the efficiency of the brain.

6. Sleep Deprivation
The brain needs sleep as a time to rest and recover her abilities. Lack of sleep for a long time will accelerate the damage to brain cells.

7. Head covered while sleeping
The habit of sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that can cause brain damage effects.

8. Using mind when ill
Working too hard or forced to use our minds when you’re sick can lead to reduced effectiveness and can damage the brain.

9. Less stimulate the mind
Thinking is the best way to train our brain. Lack of stimulation in the brain can cause brain mengkerutnya us.

10. Rarely communicates
Communication is needed as one means accelerate the ability of the brain. Communicating intellectually can trigger efficiency. Rare intellectual ability to communicate will cause to be less well trained.

Do not underestimate all the above is yes. It is time we care about our health.

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Why Should You Get Your Own Automatic Espresso Maker?

I have come to realize that individuals are passionate about coffee. It’s part of our culture. It’s part of our history. All you have to do is look around at the number of specialty espresso shops to understand that people appreciate their espresso so much that they’re prepared to pay $5 for a cup of it. But wise people know that they are able to enjoy their favorite coffee beverages, whenever they feel like having one, and not need to shell out a fiver or more for it. All they require is an automatic espresso maker.

Before Starbucks individuals used to drink normal coffee. They’d buy it at 7-11, or Dunkin’ Donuts, or at a diner or coffee shop. But now people’s tastes have become more sophisticated. Today’s latte, cappuccino, and espresso drinkers are no longer satisfied by restaurant coffee. Or even drip coffee at home. Nowadays they want a much more sophisticated, richer coffee beverage,

Thankfully technology has made making an espresso, latte, or cappuccino very easy. For that person who wants to make their own special coffee drinks at home, either because of the convenience aspect, or the economic benefit, there’s a wide variety of manufacturers and types of espresso makers available to choose from. The easiest way to make an superb espresso, which is the basic ingredient for lattes and cappuccinos, is with a “super automatic espresso machine”. These machines make creating a espresso drink so simple – almost everything is automated. In most cases all you need to do is push a button or two and before you know it you’re sipping a hot, rich, creamy latte.

On average, people spend a little more than $5 when they purchase a coffee drink at the local coffee house, including tip. This adds up quickly, particularly should you buy a cup of coffee every day. That’s over $100 per month and over $1,200 per year!

A good high quality automatic espresso maker isn’t inexpensive. The best European-made espresso machines that produce the very best espresso drinks run from $1,200 to over $2,000. But if you’re drinking just 1 coffee drink from Starbucks every day you are already spending the cost of a new espresso machine every year. And if you add up the time you spend standing in line to order and get your coffee you will realize that you’re wasting a big chunk of your life. That’s just crazy!

You can start making excellent espresso drinks, lattes, and cappuccinos at home and save a ton of cash and wasted time, with your own automatic espresso maker. Plus it will impress all of your buddies and family when you have them over for coffee.

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Power Juicer Machine – Abundant Life with Juice

Everybody is looking for the best life possible and most of us would like to enjoy a long life. The problem is we do not want to spend the time to place healthy eating into our busy schedule. A power juicer machine can provide abundant life with very little time or effort.

The first time I encountered the Jack LaLannes power juicer was 30 years ago when I was at the age of 19. My friend’s father was a vibrant 95 year old who was more active than some of my own friends.

He put a roof on his house, could walk on his hands, and maintained a very large garden. There was something else he did and he did this every day. He would prepare a juice from fresh vegetables every morning that he drank. I watched him prepare this in a very short time simply placing carrots, tomatoes, onions, and other fresh vegetables from his garden in the power juicer machine. Within minutes he was enjoying a delicious vegetable juice as fresh as it can get. He did not have heart disease, he did not have arthritis, he had excellent health and a strong body and mind.

This man is not alive today but only due to a car accident at the age of 97. He was hit head on by another on coming car swerving into his lane. He was in great physical and mental condition up to the very day his life was taken from him. He lived an abundant life both in quality and in length.

This is one of many examples of how the Jack Lalannes power juicer can deliver the results that have been claimed. Fruits and vegetables that have been cooked or frozen will loose some of the nutrients, to get the maximum value from these great foods they should be consumed before being processed.

If you do not grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables, your grocer has an ample supply of fresh produce on hand for your enjoyment and health.

You can place the fresh produce of your choice in the juicer for preparing a healthy juice that is both nutritious and delicious. There simply is not a better way to get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for the best health possible.

The power juicer machine is both easy to use and easy to clean. For cleaning, all removable parts can safely be placed in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

You too can enjoy abundant life with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables in the easy to digest form of juice. This juice is packed full of health just for you.

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The Untold Secrets Of Storing Coffee Intact With All Its Flavor

What do you do to store a rare blend of coffee like Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, to savor its flavor for days? Confused? Storing coffee is a difficult process because keeping the aroma intact for days is a tough job.

So here are the tips that would help you to keep you coffee fresh for seasons:

Few things you should not do while storing coffee

Commonly it is considered that storing coffee in refrigerator is the best way to keep the flavor intact, but there are certain glitches in this case. The frozen environment inside the freezer or refrigerator allow water molecules to stick with the coffee beans forming ice, along with the other molecules of various flavor inside the freezer spoil the original taste of the coffee.

The ice on the beans melt into water and percolates inside the roasted coffee, which is porous, and this reduces its feel when you have it after days. Freezing coffee can only be an option when, the coffee is used within 1 to 2 weeks of its roasting. Refrigeration is really harmful for the coffee because the cold mist within the refrigerator softens and disintegrates the flavor molecules and scents within the coffee.

What should you do to store your gourmet coffee

You must remember that contact of coffee with water is deadly for the coffee, so preferably try to keep the beans in the usual packaging and then place it in a zipped bag for storage. You can also suck out the air inside the bag by a straw and then zip it; this will actually help the coffee stay fresh. In case of unavailability of this zipped bad, you can also wrap it in layers of plastic wrap and then cover it with foil. This might sound too much, but to keep gourmet coffee worth its investment it is essential.

The most suitable method of storing coffee which would be used within a week of its purchase is at room temperature. However, when keeping at room temperature, the levels of water, oxygen, excessive heat, influence of other flavors and direct sunlight has to be reduced and removed if possible. To make this possible, you can store your coffee in a ceramic canister with a capacity of retaining 0.5 lb to 1 lb of coffee. This canister must have a mechanism of being airtight. As filling it up to brim will seal the entry of any other molecule inside the canister, helping it to maintain its aroma. Do not go for plastic or metallic canisters as they allow plastic or metallic molecules to enter the canister messing up the coffee beans.

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The History of Blooming Flowering Tea

The history of blooming tea is somewhat clouded in mystery, but what we do know is that it comes to us from the mountainous southern region of China in the Yunnan province. Yunnan province is said to be the birthplace of tea, which according to botanical scientists is in its modern form a hybridization of species that were present in the 19th and 20th centuries. Artisans high in the Yunnan Mountains are responsible for producing much of the flowing tea bundles packaged for markets around the world, although others outside the regions have begun replicating the craftsmanship to introduce the delicacy to a wider audience.

In China where tea is part of an ancient history of ritual and reverence, blooming tea is called Gong Yi Hua Cha, quite literally translated to “art flower tea” or also known as “flowering tea”. There is no actual written record documenting the advent of flowering tea blooms in Chinese history, so many tea aficionados claim that blooming tea is a fairly recent invention created only in the mid-1980′s. Historians claim there literary proof does exist to back up the claim that flowering tea is at least hundreds of years old. Chinese literary references in texts and pictures depict type of flower tea bloom, which supports the claim that at least the concept of shaping tea leaves into artful forms is hundreds of years old. The art of crafting display teas is a documented fact going back to the mid 10th century C.E., where display tea was used in Chinese royal courts for its visual appeal and never enjoyed as an actual beverage, but this documentation does not include mention of flowering tea.

To be certain, many of the tea blooms available today are very recent creations. Artisans today labor to produce the most elegant blooming flowering teas and are only limited only by their creativity and patience in crafting beautiful works of liquid art. Artisans in Yunnan province still hand make wonderful blooming tea bundles that when steeped in hot water slowly unfurl to produce an exquisite experience, equal parts visual, aromatic, and flavor. It’s thanks to them that the rest of the world is able to enjoy and experience these wonderful works of artistic delicacy.

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