Protect Your Restaurant’s Reputation By Keeping The Coffee Machine In Good Shape

Here is an important piece of information that will help you understand the risks involved in ignoring coffee machine maintenance. Do you want your coffee machine to blow up in your face? Do you want hot water to be spewed all over the kitchen?

Do you want your outlet to shut down because you did not take care of your employees’ safety? If the answers to all these questions are no, then it is obvious that you should take good care of your coffee machine.

How is simple black coffee espresso made? Hot water is pushed through the coffee powder at very high pressure and the resulting drink is what your simple black espresso is. How is the pressure generated? It is obvious that water is heated to very high temperatures and is pushed through the pipes at very high speed.

This means that the coffee machine is a device that not only deals with water at high temperature but at high pressure as well. In such a scenario, what, do you think, will be the consequences of clogged line? If the water inlet pipe is clogged with calcium and other deposits, it is obvious that water will have to pass through at higher speed over smaller diameters.

Needless to say, it is only a question of time before the capacity of the pipe is exceeded and the entire device blows up. Even the smallest crack will be sufficient for the hot water to destroy the machine.

The insulation on the wires will melt and you will have an electric short circuit combined with the outburst of hot water at high pressure. Well, can there be a shorter and smaller recipe for disaster?

How can you avoid this problem? At least once in a year, you should dismantle the machine completely and check the pipe for deposits. However, coffee machine maintenance is a regular and ongoing process.

You cannot just wait for that one day of the year to take care of your machine, right? What you ought to do is make use of the internet, check out owner’s manuals, get in touch with other owners of coffee machines and find out how the device is being maintained.

You should not stop here. You should keep a sharp lookout for numerous safety devices and accessories that will help you determine whether you have the best possible fail safe tools in your hand.

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Does It Matter What Teapot Is Used To Brew Tea?

When brewing a cup of tea, does it really matter how it is done or what type of teapot is used? Even a cursory glance shows that a vast variety of teapots crowd shop shelves. Why is this? What is the difference among all these types of teapots?
Materials are an important consideration when buying a teapot. Teapots come in ceramic, porcelain, and earthenware, but also in metal, glass, stone or wood. One of the reasons for the variation in materials may be aesthetic and another may be the purely practical availability. The most important reason is that different types of tea simply taste better when brewed in teapots of different materials.
Think of the different kinds of tea-black tea, herbal, green, white, oolong, jasmine and many, many specialty teas. Each reaches its full flower of taste in the appropriate teapot and made using the appropriate process. Most black teas, for instance, taste best when brewed in stoneware teapots. Stoneware is heavier than other types and keeps the heat well.
Oolong tea, a popular variety midway between green and black, is traditionally brewed in a Yixing pot from China. Fiercely dark Indian teas are best in teapots made of metal or iron or silver. The strong taste of these teas is usually what the consumer is after.
Japan, of course, is famous for its fastidious attention to tea and its proper service. The finest Japanese tea is made in the beautiful cast iron tetsubin teapot. These teapots are almost cultural artifacts, and to preserve them, the tea is made elsewhere and transferred to the tetsubin to hold the heat.
Another famous teapot is the brown betty, made in Stoke-on-Kent, England since the 17th century of red terracotta. The shape of the brown betty allows leaves to swirl around, while the terracotta allows the infusion to breathe, creating a wonderful taste for the tea drinker.
The most popular type of teapot is the familiar round-bodied ceramic pot, a fixture in most households. It, too, allows loose leaf tea to swirl around, fully releasing the flavor, and also keeps the infusion hot until it has been all consumed.
Today, glass teapots are increasingly in favor. A glass teapot does offer many advantages. It’s possible to view the degree of steep by judging the color the infusion has reached. Glass also keeps the infusion warm. And, very important, glass can be cleaned perfectly, unlike ceramic pots. This means that different kinds of tea can be brewed in the same pot as no residue from other brewing remains.
Most recently, tea comes in a bag, prepackaged and pre-prepared as so much in modern life all in the name of efficiency. A teabag does allow itself to be dipped into a cup of boiling water, creating an instant “cuppa”. But, is it really the same? The true tea aficionado would say no. Tea making is an art combining the proper loose leaf tea, proper preparation with the proper teapot. All produces a relaxing moment to savor not only the tea but also the very joy of living.
Teapots are beautiful in and of themselves. Some are objets d’art, while others, more humble, simply have a sensuous rounded shape leading the tea drinker to anticipate the wonderful sensations aroused by a good cup of tea artfully prepared.

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K-Kup, K-Cups, Keurig K-Cups = Awesome!

Fitness experts to amateur players, students to professors and from a busy mom to a corporate leader, everyone loves to take a cup of java down their throats daily. Good news about coffee lovers is that the coffee is amongst people functional beverages that can aid boost health in diabetes, cancer and other coronary as well as cardiovascular ailments. People drink coffee to release their tension, increase up power level for an optimum overall performance and last but not the least the fat burning.
Performance and energy level increased are people characteristics that are integral for the healthy particular person and Keurig coffee k cups are exactly the kind of elixir you need to do so. Consequently, choose the very best brand called coffee people k-cups to acquire efficient aid for the maximum increase to your body system.
Many coffee lovers have satisfactory weight as coffee helps in reducing the fat and cellulite build in your body. Keurig coffee k cups aid in burning them and aids in the procedure of fat oxidation. People old myths and misleading popular beliefs are dispersing quickly with the introduction of most recent analysis on various drinks that includes the coffee is not linked to any heart disease as well as any form of cancer.
Now that you know coffee is possibly harmless unless you overdo then locate a variety of tastes and combinations at Keurig coffee k cups. You may get baffled around a lot more than thirty varieties of coffee on the shelf of a super store but Keurig coffee k cups have selected the best for their brand loyal customers.
The range of coffee by Keurig includes Sumatra, French roast, Daybreak Morning Combination, Keurig Mix Normal Decaf and Colombia, and so on. From bittersweet to heavy body flavor, syrupy to snappy, sweet, dark to light, and fruity, all kinds of blends are available at
If you are looking for dark and additional strong blend then try coffee people K cups and if you want to have fun then attempt all the tastes and blends obtainable at Keurig.
Keurig coffee K cups are obtainable for the count of 50 coffee people for just $21.00. You can get access to the internet, visit online websites for putting your order, and get your K cups delivered right on your doorstep.

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Understanding Espresso Beans

Many people just beginning to explore the world of gourmet coffees make the mistake of thinking that they must seek out coffee beans specifically labeled as “espresso” beans in order to brew a proper cappuccino or espresso beverage. The fact of the matter is that any type of bean can be used to brew a pot or cup of espresso, and it simply depends upon the preferences of the individual as to which type to choose.

To begin to understand espresso beans it is important to understand coffee beans on the whole. The vast majority of coffee beverages consumed each day are the result of the beans which are the heart of the berries on coffee plants. These are picked and then shipped in their “green” stages to a roaster who will then roast them for a variety of time spans to create the distinct coffee flavors.

The longer the roasting period the darker the resulting coffee is going to be, but someone making a pot of espresso could actually use a light roasted coffee if desired. Today, many people choose the “French” or dark roasts for their espresso drinks, and this is because they want a much more potent flavor, but it is entirely a matter of personal preference or taste.

The thing about espresso beans, or any beans used for espresso, is that they must be very finely ground in order to generate the best results. This is because most methods for making espresso use pressure to force water through the ground coffee, and this means that it must be “tamped” into the filter where the water being forced through will get the great flavor and leave the bitterness behind.

The grinding of espresso or coffee beans is something that is often taken for granted, but it can actually become a “make or break” moment for a bag of great beans. Why? Because the cones used to grind coffee can often come into a lot of friction with the beans they are grinding, they can then create enough heat to destroy the oils in the beans. It is the oils that give the coffee its wonderful aroma and flavor, and for this reason anyone hoping to make superior cups of espresso should ensure that very limited amounts of heat occur when grinding their beans.

So, after a cook has determined the beans and roast they want, and found a good way to finely grind their beans without a lot of excess heat created, they must then determine how they want to use the beans to make their coffee. Modern cooks have two primary choices – they can use an electronic machine that can create a large amount of espresso coffee, or they can use a traditional stovetop moka pot to make their espresso. The thing to remember about the brewing is that most processes should require only one tablespoon of ground coffee to create a one to two ounce cup of better coffee. If the method used is not producing the desired results it is usually a simple matter of selecting a different espresso bean or roast and trying again.

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Tava Tea Side Effects

Every sane person will read the instructions prior to taking a new product for the first time. It specially matters if you start drinking some weight loss pills of beverages, such as Tava tea. You must be aware if any of the supplements you take might harm you. You also need to know if there are Tava tea side effects and what they are.
Of course, every new product on the market will claim not to have side effects, but only time can tell. Even if we can be positive there is no harm to be done, various people may have various affects, while consuming the same product.
The best possible example is coffee. You can drink it ten times a day without harming your sleep, your heart beat or nerves. On the other hand, a simple cup of coffee a day can make someone as boosted as if on gallons of Red-Bull.
The famous Tava tea, as most other teas do, contains a certain amount of natural caffeine. Of course, if you are amongst persons, who suffer from various disorders from drinking coffee, beware. Tava tea side effects will certainly ruin your day or night. Losing weight with this amazing beverage is certainly a better choice than drinking chemical substances labeled as fabulous fat burners. Of course it would be a perfect solution to sip a cup of tea for a few times a day and relax. The tea will burn the fat and generally improve your metabolism. With tea consumption, people generally do not think about side effects. On the other hand, a tea is an ancient remedy. If it is a remedy, not every person can consume it in endless quantities. Of course, there are people who will never suffer any of Tava tea side effects, as they do not suffer drinking pots of strong coffee. Unfortunately, the others will. This particular tea is known to improve digestion and speed the metabolism. This speaks for itself in the terms of weight loss. Organic tea is certainly a better option.
Tava tea is not original by itself, as herb, from which the tea is made. It is a blend of the best graded teas in the world, such as Sencha, Pu-erh and Oolong. Apart from helping burning fat, this tea also strengthen the bones and the teeth, preventing the plaque.
However, beware. Tea or not tea, it is not yet declared safe for persons younger than 18, since the studies are not sufficient for the moment. In order to avoid any side effects, it is not recommended to kids and pregnant women.

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Keurig K-Cups are a wonderful present to Give

Keurig K-Cups are a wonderful present to give to family and friends anytime of the year. As a Holiday present, Keurig K-Cups are truly the present that keeps on giving year-round, sip after sip, freshly brewed cup after cup. The holiday season is a time of joy and reflection. We attend social gatherings more frequently during Holiday which create memories we treasure for years to come. Holiday present giving can be a great time to reach out to people we know and to meet new people. The holidays promote hospitality among neighbors and strangers. What can be better than sharing a great cup of Keurig K-Cups while planning a shopping trip, “making the list” or hosting a present wrapping party?
Keurig K-Cups are a great present to give to someone if you know their Keurig K-Cups preference for Espresso Keurig K-Cups, Kona Keurig K-Cups, Green Mountain gourmet Keurig K-Cups, Vanilla Hazelnut, Hot Cocoa, French Roast or other type of Keurig K-Cups. The present can be ordered online and delivered directly to “that special person.” The Keurig K-Cups lover will appreciate the freshness and home delivery Keurig K-Cups which has superior taste and is fresher than Keurig K-Cups from some store or Keurig K-Cups shop shelf. Keurig K-Cups is consumed over time, one cup at a time. As a present, Keurig K-Cups keeps on giving pleasure to the Keurig K-Cups drinker. The aroma and fragrance make the brewing and sipping experience very special every time.
Keurig K-Cups can be a one time present at Holiday or it can be a continuity Keurig K-Cups present. With the continuity present, the recipient can enjoy different types of Keurig K-Cups throughout the year, making each month a special Keurig K-Cups celebration. Keurig K-Cups ordered from a national online operation means that select, specialty brews are freshly roasted to perfection, one batch at a time. The implication is that your present, every time it ships, is freshly roasted following very exact directions, packed and shipped to your present recipient very quickly. As a present giver, the greatest joy in present giving is not so much the present itself but the anticipation of the pleasure the present will give the recipient. The fun in present giving is planning the present, wrapping it or writing the card about the present.
For example, on your own, you can write an explanation about the Keurig K-Cups present that will be delivered directly to the present recipient. This provides an opportunity for spontaneous writing and a sincere demonstration of personalization in present giving. The card you would send to the recipient announcing the freshly roasted present, for example, can include Keurig K-Cups recipes, stories about Keurig K-Cups, a brochure about Keurig K-Cups varieties, their music and culture. Taking the time to send a physical personal communication is a tangible expression of personalization which can become a cherished reminder for the recipient. Who knows? Your Keurig K-Cups present may inspire ideas for language, dancing or learning geography. As such, giving Keurig K-Cups can become a lifelong present!
Keurig K-Cups lovers who receive Keurig K-Cups as a present generally are very expressive in their appreciation of the brew. Few other presents will help start the day as a great cup of Keurig K-Cups does for millions of Keurig K-Cups drinkers. Sip after sip, freshly brewed cup after cup, Keurig K-Cups is really a present most people appreciate. Present giving should be selfless and without expectation of a present in return. The intrinsic reward that is most appreciated by the present giver is the expression of delight and continued enjoyment from the present recipient. It is fun and pleasing to see others enjoying the jewelry, the shoes, the clothing or books that they received as a present. However, Keurig K-Cups offers something that few other presents offer: the opportunity to share and delight simultaneously with the present recipient in the Keurig K-Cups present. Sharing a cup of Keurig K-Cups prepared by the Keurig K-Cups lover to whom you gave Keurig K-Cups as a present creates an emotional bond and a memorable time to talk, to listen and to remember.
Yes, indeed. Keurig K-Cups is the present that keeps on giving year round, freshly brewed sip after sip, cup after cup. So, what are you waiting for? Include Keurig K-Cups in your Holiday list. What about ordering some delicious specialty Wolfgang Puck gourmet Keurig K-Cups for that “special person” in your list?

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How to Pick the Best Coffee for Any Food Pairing

If you’re entertaining at home, you know every detail counts. You want to create a pleasing environment for your guests, right down to lighting, place settings, and great food pairings. The coffee you serve with the meal can go a long way in helping create that perfect atmosphere. Learn which beans go best with which foods in this quick guide.

Coffee, for the most part, is grown in tropical areas around the world that can sustain the specific rainfall and soil conditions that the trees require. The three major areas of coffee bean production are Latin America, Africa, and the Asian-Pacific rim. Each area produces thousands of different varieties of beans, but the growing conditions produce a general flavor profile that you can match back to whatever sort of food you’re offering your guests.

Latin American beans, for example, tend to have a nutty, mild flavor, and a relatively thin mouth-feel, with little or no aftertaste. Because their flavors are so mild, you don’t want to overwhelm Latin American coffee by serving it with overly rich or dense foods – the coffee will taste watery in comparison. Latin American beans typically pair well with nutty flavors and lighter-textured foods (think a fluffy muffin or biscuit, as opposed to cheesecake.) Latin American beans also are fantastic with milk chocolate, so they’re great to offer the chocoholics in your group.

African beans often have a big, bold, juicy flavor. Because these beans are so vivacious, they make excellent iced coffee, since their taste won’t be watered down with ice. African beans typically have a tangy aftertaste and work well with citrusy, summery flavors or fruits of almost any sort. If you’re serving parfaits, fruit salad, or anything with lemons, oranges, blueberries, cherries, or cranberries, African coffee is definitely the way to go.

Beans from the Asian-Pacific rim are generally the heaviest, most intensely-flavored beans of all. They produce coffee that has a deep, almost syrupy texture, with a warm, lingering aftertaste. Asian-Pacific beans can pair back with creamy, indulgent desserts or thick stews and soups. They especially match well with maple, honey, and cheese – so this is a great bean to serve cheesecake with at the end of the night, or pancakes and hot oatmeal with in the morning!

Once you’ve got your meal plan written out for your party, take the little extra time to match back the appropriate coffee to serve alongside your delicious food. Your guests will really appreciate the extra flair it brings to your party or event.

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Fresh Vending Offering up Healthy Food stuff in Schools

Today, the time of clumsy fast food eating is over. Consumers are very well aware of the negative effects of such consumption and are now looking at healthy and nutritive choices for their food and drinks. Moreover, the sandwich market growth figures as well as the general snacking industry growth figures too are enough evidence that people will opt for high quality fresh snacks packaged well over the traditional lunch.

Unhealthy foodstuffs have consistently been the products of choice with which to fill vending machines in food break all across Country; but at present, when health care is must to fight against increasing obesity rates, many businesses are looking for healthier alternatives for their customers. There are many healthy choices that are popping up in today’s time.

People are trying to make healthier food choices, but they are having trouble sticking with it because they can’t stop snacking during the day. I know that many people think that in order to lose belly fat they need to eat boring stuff like chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli all day, but that is completely false!

Now people can easily get the options to have more nutritious foods from vending machines too. You just need to check out for fresh and healthy vending machines supplies instead of existing machines for snacks. You’ll be amazed at how little effort it takes to make the switch.

Now even school kids can get the fresh and healthy food and snacks in the vending machines of their schools. You will be amazed to know that the schools vending machines will be filled with healthier food that are available to your growing kids.

As you all know about the growing epidemic of child and teen obesity. Now with fresh and healthy food at vending machines can control over what your kids eating. Even kids would love to have these snacks as they are delicious.

In schools vending machines could replace sodas with bottled water in the machines and also there are plenty of lemon, raspberry, peach, and other flavored waters on the market today for variety and taste.

As we all know power foods are always a good option, because they usually combine high nutrients and lower calories. These could be anything from grains to dairy to fruits and vegetables. So, now parents can relax if their kids and getting healthier and tastier food and snacks option at their schools.

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Jurang Fairtrade Coffee Advice

Jurang Fairtrade Coffee Advice
‘…remains one of the most renowned coffee’s in the world.’ [1]

Coffee is not only growing in popularity throughout the UK, but also developing in flavors, strengths and best of all quality. It is becoming very often that we find ourselves doing a bit of shopping and find coffee shop after coffee shop plastered around the place. However, there are many confusing adverts about coffee and it can sometimes be difficult to work out what the best quality, type and strength is for you.

The Vision of Fairtrade
‘work with businesses, community groups and individuals to improve the trading position’ [2]

Not only is coffee continually on the rise but Fairtrade is also, which is great news due to how well Fairtrade deals with coffee trading. With Fairtrade brandishing their logo on the coffees out there that do support their vision, it has made it easy to pick the coffee that is not only most likely great quality but also helpful to those out less fortunate than ourselves.

Fairtrade say that their ‘…vision is of a world in which justice and sustainable development are at the heart of trade structures and practices so that everyone, through their work, can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood and develop their full potential.’ [3] making it all the more reason to buy good quality coffee from Fairtrade.

Jurang Coffee Fair Trade
‘Jurang Fair Trade provides you with a Fairtrade Office Supplies Service. That means you order Fairtrade Coffee and Fairtrade Tea from our Online Shop’ [4]

There are many brands, independent companies and shops and single products supporting Fairtrade today, and this is continually growing means that the vision of Fairtrade is becoming a reality. This is brilliant news, and that’s the reason we should be getting involved, because Fairtrade does not just need companies but consumers also.

Jurang Fairtrade supplies you with some of the best coffee Fairtrade has to offer through such brands as Oromo, Grumpy Mule and Café Direct. Jurang Fairtrade says that they -

  • ‘Helps you make a difference by choosing Fairtrade.
  • Selects premium quality Fairtrade products.
  • Delivers service with a passion.
  • Offers you competitive pricing.
  • Helps you benefit from a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.’ [5]

  • References

  •, The Fairtrade Foundation (Fairtrade, Date N/A)
  •, Fairtrade Coffee (Jurang, 2009)
  •, Jurang (Jurang, 2009)
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    ‘Jurang Fair Trade provides you with a Fairtrade Office Supplies Service. That means you order Fairtrade Coffee and Fairtrade Tea from our Online Shop’ [4]

    Proper Ways to Store Fruits and Vegetables

    The society today develops rapidly, and with the development of living standard, people pay more attention to their body health. So the fruits and vegetables are welcomed by both young and old. But not everyone has time to go to the market everyday. Generally, people would buy a mount of fruits once a time. As the price of them is not cheap, so the way to make the products last long at home is very important. Then here are some storage method of fruits and vegetables.

    Before all progress, there are two things people need to remember, the first is do not wash produce until you ready to eat, and the second one is to store the fruits and vegetables separately.

    Here comes the way to store the fruits.
    1. In spring, people like to eat berries, but as we all know berries are difficult to store. So you should eat it first before other fruits. Well, you may ask how to store the berries for those three days; the way is to store them unwashed on a paper towel in a sealed plastic storage container.
    2. Pick fruits like oranges, pineapples, cherries, grapes and watermelon before they get ripe. After picking, put the fruits directly in the refrigerator.
    3. Here is fruit that we should not put into the refrigerator, which is the banana. The skins of it would easily turn to black in fridge. But the taste is still the same. So buy banana green when you do not want to eat them all at one time. When bananas are overly ripe, peel them, put them in small food or fruit storage bags and freeze them for smoothies.
    4. Move the fruits to the refrigerator when they are soft to touch. Unripe pears, apricots, peaches, plums, mangoes, honeydew melons, cantaloupes, bananas, kiwis, and avocados can soften on the counter.

    Ways to store the vegetables.
    1. Generally, vegetables prefer to stay fresh in cold environment. So you should better put them into the fridge. But be careful that some vegetable’s smell are special which may lead the whole fridge with it, so you have to store them first in a plastic bags before you put them in the fridge.
    2. Too much moisture can be bad for your vegetables, and brown spots will develop especially on lettuce if it is too damp.
    3. Potatoes, onions, eggplant, and hard shell squashes should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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