How to use Senseo Coffee Pods for a great cup of coffee

Using Senseo Coffee Pods is a relatively easy thing to do and a great way to wake yourself up in the morning! I have been using the Senseo Coffee Pods for over five years now and enjoy a fresh delicious cup of coffee every morning in under 45 seconds – you can’t beat that! Single serving coffee machines are not exactly new but they certainly are newer to the consumer market and Senseo is really the brand who came out with it first. Normal drip coffee makers over time build up calcium deposits, bitter taste and require constant cleaning – not so with single serving coffee machines.
The reason Senseo Coffee Pods are so popular is their ease of use, low cost and delicious taste. To make a delicious cup of coffee in the morning all you will need is new pods, water and the coffee maker. Simply open the top of Senseo Coffee maker and insert your pod(s). I usually recommend two pods due to the strength at which I like my coffee – enough to kill a small elephant strength. If you usually drink a normal cup of coffee then a single pod should be certainly sufficient for you.
Once you’ve determined the number of Senseo coffee pods to use close the machine and fill the reservoir up with fresh clean, filtered water. Many times people ask if filtered water really makes a difference and can say for me personally it makes for a slightly less after taste from coffee. Now that you’ve got the reservoir full at this point all that is left to do is turn the machine on and wait for it to heat up. After 15 or 20 seconds the light should stop blinking and you will be ready to choose your size. Go ahead and hit that button for coffee and watch with delight as the Senseo rushes water through the pods creating a masterpiece of flavor.
One last piece of advice – use official Senseo Coffee Pods okay? Non official pods can explode, cause your machine to lock up or void your warranty, quite nasty really.

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