Enjoy flavored coffee in different variety

Majority of the people have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning, they drink it so that they can waken up and some other drinks it after having meals or several people prefer it to have in evening. Most of them drink coffee as it comes daily but on the other hand some people are there very choosy with regards to the taste that they drink. If you are also one of them then you should try flavored coffee. At the present time there are a variety of flavors available online, you can select anyone based on your preference.
The basic flavor of the coffee can be changed by flavored coffee drops. You can add these flavored drops directly to the recently made cup of coffee or to the gourmet coffee bean. Followings are some of the famous flavored coffee drops.

There are four categories of flavored available and they are:
1) Fruit based flavors
2) Spice based flavors
3) French vanilla based flavor
4) Chocolate based flavor

It has a fantastic smell along with superb taste which made it well-liked all over the world because. Vanilla adds a feel of classiness to all the items in which it is added. In ice creams also Vanilla flavor is very popular. French vanilla is often combined a selective preparation and have vanilla grains along with a strong vanilla aroma. You just need to add only a few drops of vanilla flavor in coffee then get pleasure from the taste of it. These flavored drops are free from sweeteners, fats & calories and these drops can be melting immediately

Spice based flavors include cinnamon almond praline or cinnamon hazelnut where as fruit based coffee flavors are pine colada, coconut crème and chocolate raspberry. Nut to crème, macadamia and burley to mint comes under chocolate based flavors.
Here a general idea given on the different types of flavored coffee. Now you will see in brief some of the flavors.

Amaretto flavored Coffee is the perfect alternative intended to choose after evening meal and it is considered a great drink subsequent to dinner. This type of flavored coffee is the greatest alternative if you do not feel like to use alcohol and when you would like to get pleasure from this particular drink without consuming alcohol then get it as best option.
Caramel is absolutely attractive after having dinner as a dessert. For most of the people this flavored of caramel coffee is required and they can enjoy it just like a caramel dessert but in the form of coffee. Even though a lot of calories are there in caramel deserts but then also you can get pleasure from the flavor of caramel by adding together a small number of drops of that flavor in the coffee which you are going to drink.

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The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker is more than an electric kettle. It is designed specifically for loose-leaf tea. The device comes preprogrammed for herbal, black, white, green, and oolong teas, but also has a custom mode where you can set your brewing temperature and steeping time.

Although it may be used to boil plain water, its central feature is an automated basket that holds tea leaves and moves up and down to immerse them at precisely the right moment. After putting the tea in the basket and hitting the button, the water quickly reached its steeping temperature, and then like magic, the tea basket was gracefully lowered into the water. After the set amount of time, the basket was raised back up, and the tea was ready to drink.

Tea experts will tell you that different varieties require specific water temperatures and brewing times. Getting this wrong can result in a cup of tea that’s bitter, weak, or simply not up to its true flavor potential. As it turns out, Breville took all of this into consideration. You can made black, green, mate and herbal, each with different strengths, and all perfect.
The steel look of the base is sleek and state of the art, and the illuminated buttons (when pressed) make it easy to determine which cycle the tea maker is using for preparing the tea. The LCD display indicates the real-time temperature and the moment since brew. Once the tea cycle begins, it indicates the current water temperate, then counts down the steeping moment once steeping has begun. After steeping completes.

Clean up of the jug and basket is easy. Tannin build-up can mar the initial attractiveness of the jug, but this can be removed by boiling water with lemon juice, baking soda, or vinegar (look for instructions in the accompanying manual). It’s actually a pleasure to take special care of such a high quality appliance.

All of this tea maker is not cheap by any stretch but it is worth every penny for your high quality it boasts. All of this is a great piece of equipment every tea lover should certainly have. It is a great tea maker that saves you time in preparing your favorite drink.

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Tease your palate with crisp oolong tea

Oolong tea is a special semi-fermented tea grown mainly in the Fujian province of China. The tea lies somewhere between un-oxidized green tea and completely oxidized black tea. It offers a wonderful combination of health benefits of green tea and the robust stimulation of black tea. It has a broad taste spectrum ranging from delicate, subtle, rich to robust. It is more palatable then green tea which is sometimes too grassy, and its peachy aftertaste perfectly soothes out its initial bitterness. Oolong tea is rich and full bodied, and yet offers the health benefits of green tea. In general, all oolongs are refreshing and fragrant.
There are many legends that claim to be the true origin of the name “oolong”. The name “oolong” literally means black dragon in Chinese. According to the most popular legend, the tea got its name from a tea farmer named “Wu Liang”. The farmer was picking tea when he got distracted by a black dragon and forgot all about the tea. When he returned after the day, he found the tea had oxidized under sun. He brewed this partially oxidized tea and discovered it to be an enjoyable drink, deliciously different from black tea.
Production of oolong tea involves the standard stages: plucking, withering, during, rolling, oxidizing, and final drying. But the essential difference lies in the extent of oxidation it is put through.
Tea is usually plucked in late spring and dried. Then the leaves are tossed in baskets to bruise their edges and extract their natural juices. These juices set forth the oxidation process. Here comes the tricky part. The fermentation process is stopped midway and the leaves are fired or roasted to halt the fermentation process. It is the extent of oxidation which teases out the unique oolong flavor. The timing, temperature, and extent of drying hold the key in extracting the desired flavor. Teas oxidized for a longer duration tend to be closer to black tea in color and taste, and are called dark oolongs. Lesser oxidized oolong’s are closer to green tea and are called light oolongs. Wuyi Ensemble, Pouchong, Formosa oolong, Shuixian, Ti Kuan Yin, Fenghuang Dancong, Tieguanyin, and Formosa bai hao are some of the popular oolong varieties.
The dark oolong tea has a peculiar toasty flavor and an earthy taste. This makes them a flavorful substitute for coffee, without caffeine’s harmful effects. Besides, oolong tea has a substantial concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants which strengthen body’s immune system and promote general good health.
Brewing a flavorful cup of oolong tea is not difficult, but there are certain key elements you need to keep in mind white brewing it. It is actually easier to brew oolong tea than to brew green tea as oolong tea is more processed and can withstand high temperature. You would do good to prefer loose leaf oolong tea over tea bags as tea bags just don’t offer the fresh flavor and fragrance. Make sure to get good quality oolong tea as that would heavily influence the final taste of the tea, no matter how well you brew it. Also, oolong delivers best flavor in a yixing teapot than porcelain or glass teapots.
Choose spring water over tap water as the impurities present in tap water can alter the true flavor of the tea. Most oolongs are usually steeped for three to five minutes, however the exact time required for each variety may be checked from the package. Oolong tea tastes best straight up, without milk or any other artificial sweeteners. It has a wonderful natural sweetness which just does not go well with milk. Milk can completely ruin oolong’s own delicate flavor.

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Something Different to Everyone with Keurig Coffee Maker

What does keurig mean? From a Dutch word meaning excellence, which guides the company in everything they do. Founded in 1988, Keurig Incorporated is now the leader in single sup brewing technology in the U.S. for both home and commercial use.

So, why brew coffee a pot at a time when you only drink it a cup at a time? This is the cutting edge of Keurig where K-cups are born. This K-Cup technology offers coffee without the mess of grinding coffee beans and loading grounds into coffee filters.

When you place any of your favorite K cups in your Keurig coffee brewer, it punctures both the air-tight foil lid and the bottom of it and while under pressure it forces hot water through the pack down and into your coffee mug. A single coffee K cup has four main parts that ensure that it keeps the coffee fresh and/or makes the whole process work. We have the air-tight foil lid, the sophisticated filter inside, the freshly ground coffee, oxygen, light and humidity barrier. This barrier wraps the inside wall of the container and makes sure that the freshly ground coffee remains fresh. The filter also helps control water pressure, water flow and also extraction time. The foil lid seals the top and ensures that the coffee remains fresh and no elements enter that would make the coffee stale.

In most Keurig coffee maker reviews, Keurig’s home and office brewing machines are rated both household and commercial use. Each is designed to accommodate specific number of users for your needs.

Perfect for offices of 15 or fewer employees or use this coffee maker in the conference room, break room, or waiting area. Features three brew sizes and accommodates most travel mugs, its removable 48oz water reservoir can be easily filled.

For the most versatile office brewer, the B200 is designed for medium sized offices with up to 30 employees. Unique LCD screen provides user instructions. Can be used in pour over or plumbed mode for maximum placement flexibility.

Keurig B3000SE Brewing System. Keurig’s most advanced brewing system and perfect for office locations of 30 or more employees or food service locations. Some key features are: automatic used K-Cup ejection and storage bin, direct line water plumbing for high capacity brewing, unlimited back-to-back brewing every 60 seconds, mug and K-Cup sensors to prevent accidental brews, 3 language options, and makes 4 brew sizes-4,6,8 and 10 oz cup sizes.

A press release on February 2, 2010 marks Keurig introducing the first single-cup commercial brewers with touch screen user interface- the B150 and B155 models. These machines are designed specifically with small to medium-sized businesses and home offices in mind. As Dave Manly said, “The Commercial Series B150 and B155 make it easy to choose, brew and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute, with virtually no mess to clean up. The interactive touch screen allows users to tailor their cup of coffee and walks them through the simple brewing process step-by-step.”

Keurig coffee makers provide you and your guests the ultimate gourmet brewing experience whether in-room, the conference facilities, or at the concierge level. Imagine what a pleasant surprise it would be for your guests to find a home favorite waiting for them!

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Kopi Luwak Coffee Processing

What makes Kopi luwak processing method unique is the involvement of Civet, a local animal. The birds eat fresh coffee berries, which their systems do not digest Kopi Luwak Coffee Instead, they only obtain the berries’ fresh pulp, defecating the seeds in their original inner form in clumps. The locals collect coffee beans from Civet droppings. These are thoroughly cleaned, dried, roasted and then ground to obtain coffee powder.

Although Kopi luwak coffee is the same coffee that is produced in other parts of the world, it is unique. It lacks bitterness associated with coffee from elsewhere. It is believed that the bitterness is taken up by Civet’s digestion system. It is also available in varied flavors, all sweet. This method of processing coffee and the superiority of the resultant brew have made this kind of coffee to be the most expensive coffee in the world, not only now but from decades ago.

Kopi luwak is not subjected to intense roasting. It is only slightly roasted and produces a flavor that is very different from other coffee processes. Presently, the Sumatra region of Indonesia is the main producer of this type of this type of coffee.

The uniqueness of coffee processed in this way has necessitated the need for research to find out why its brew is of such high quality. Research results have indicated that endogenous secretions of Civet seep into fresh coffee berries eaten by Civet. Such secretions contain enzymes that break down protein in the berries. This in effect leads to more free amino acids and less peptides and reduced bitterness, giving this coffee its unique flavor.

Initially, many researchers doubted the safety of coffee processed in this way. This doubt stemmed from the fact that since the fresh coffee berries swallowed by Civet pass through its digestive system, there was a likelihood of the dropped berries containing harmful organisms. Although this was established to be true, the fact that collected berries are subjected to thorough washing, drying and eventually roasting killed any present harmful organisms. This makes Kopi luwak coffee very safe for human consumption.

Processing this coffee is very involving. This is because one has to go collected dropped clump of coffee berries, a task that is certainly hard and time consuming. These factors make this kind of coffee to be expensive. Coffee processed in this way is widely popular in Japan, USA and in Asia. It is available in coffee outlets. It is also sold ready brewed in selected coffeehouses.

As the population of Civets continues to decrease because of prevalent hunting for its meat, so the reduction in the dropped coffee berries to be processed. The demand for this coffee however continues to rise. It has come to be necessary to imitate Kopi luwak’s taste using coffee beans grown elsewhere. Various researches have made various products available that can be used in flavoring other coffee powder to resemble that of Kopi luwak. Imitated flavored coffee is however sold at the price of ordinary coffee.

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Types of Bars Serving Draft Beer

In the new age of review websites and the highly use of the Internet, finding a bar that serves draft beer is still a challenge. With over 300 bars in San Francisco alone, someone who’s looking for a specific beer on draft may have face some problems.

The key to finding a good bar is first, knowing which draft beer you wish to drink. Second, knowing what the bar has on tap. Lastly, understanding the differences in bar types. There are three major types of bars where you can find draft beer. Draft beer only tastes as good as the environment you’re in. So choose the bar wisely!

1) Sports Bar: Sports bar are usually bars that host sports viewing events. Sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, and MMA can usually be watched at a sports bar. Be careful during these events are people are often drunk and rowdy. There are sometimes a cover charge to watch. Like pubs, sports bar have a great selection of draft beer and bottled beer. Sports bar almost always serve food so you can stop by a sports bar for a quick bite as well. If you’re not a big fan of crowded bars, avoid sports bars during major sporting events like Superbowl, World Cup, etc.

2) Pubs: Pubs originated as basically bars in regions of the British UK. The term pubs, short for public houses, are commonly used to refer to a sports bar or a bar with a British theme. Most pubs in San Francisco serve food like burgers and such and are often themed. Most patrons go there for the fresh draft beer and their wider selection of bottled beer. The environment is definitely different from your average cocktail lounge. For those who want to the best selection of draft and bottled beer, pubs are the way to go.

3) Lounges: Lounges cater more to the more casual, social drinkers as their drink menu has more of a variety than a typical pub/sports bar. In San Francisco, lounges tend to serve beer, wine, and hard liquor. Some sports bars or pubs do not serve hard liquor as it’s cheaper and easier to obtain a liquor license for just beer and wine. Lounges are usually more known for their unique cocktails and atmosphere (music, bartenders, etc). If you’re looking to relax while sipping on a guava infused mojito, a trip to a cocktail lounge should be your first visit. Expect a limited selection of draft beer and wine.

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Cocktails at Goa-doodle-do’s Cocktail’s Lounge

Cocktails at Goa-doodle-do’s Cocktail’s Lounge

Bored with your usual dose? Or with the juvenile beer parties? Or just over tasting the same old wine?

Try something new! Maybe a Cocktail!

Generally regarded as the most popular form of presenting alcohol, it simply can be defined as the right amount of alcohol with the right mixture of the right spirits and ingredients which righteously complement and enhance almost any kind of dining, partying or chilling experience. These amazing, vividly attractive looking potions are not just about the appearance and taste but harness the heavenly blend of rich alcoholic spirits and flavours shaken or stirred to perfection. Consequently, each cocktail has its own distinct taste, appearance, feel and trip!

However, you can always find a cocktail to suit any of your moods. Choose from a variety of brain tazing, stress popping, rejuvenating or just refreshing spirit concoctions are fairly available at any decent cocktail bar.

And where in India would you find a better place for cocktails than Goa!

Goa belts the mastery of successfully accomplishing most traditional and suave international cocktails with a few but rather outstanding ones of its own creations. With more than hundreds of alcohol brands an also many local ones, it proves to be an alcoholics paradise in India. It is indeed the highest and single most producer and exporter of alcohol in India. It also has the amazing tropical beauty which is just about the perfect setting to enjoy the best of an alcohol.
We at Goa doodle do have made the most of these colourful drinks, right here in Brisbane, just for you! Whatever be the occasion, there’s one for every celebration! Get drunk on Sangria or just feel rich on a Martini; Beat the heat with a Mojito or just fade away into the tequila sunrise.

Apart from the tropical chillers like the Pinacolada and sex on the beach, we have a variety of Goan temptations like Anjuna rising (an attraction in itself) which is named after the serene Anjuna beach in Goa and packs a hell of a punch!
So feel the extravagant bounty of India’s tropical paradise, grab the holy ‘Cocktail’!

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Green Tea Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and healthy gift to give to friends, family or co-workers, green tea gift baskets are always a great gift idea. There are many healthy benefits to green tea in addition to its well known weight loss benefits.

Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG, which is an extract from the green tea leaves. Antioxidants help keep our bodies healthy and fight off colds, infections and diseases. Green tea leaves contain EGCG that is twice as much as a normal daily allowance of Vitamin E. Giving a green tea gift basket is like giving a gift of wellness, or wishing the recipient good health.

Some people use green tea extract oil on their face as an astringent, as it helps fight acne conditions. This is because of the hormonal balance that green tea provides the body. It is a natural way to promote skin healing and health.

Green tea gift baskets can be comprised of many different kind of green teas. There are a variety of fruit flavored green teas to choose from, which make a flavorful addition to any tea gift basket. You can either purchase a green tea gift basket that is pre-made from an internet shopping store, or buy individual packets of green teas to create your own green tea gift basket.

A green tea gift basket is especially thoughtful in the winter months. Serving a hot beverage such as green tea warms the body during cold weather. Green tea also can boost the immune system with an ingredient called bioflavonoid, which aids in respiratory function and digestion. This is a wonderful benefit to help fight off illness when people are more prone to it in the winter months. For a nice honey flavor that also soothes a sore throat, you can also try including honey swizzle sticks to stir the green tea and allow the flavor to soak into the beverage.

There are also decaffeinated green tea products available for friends and family members that are not fond of caffeine or do not drink caffeine. You can also fill your green tea gift basket with decaffeinated green tea if you prefer. There are still many kinds and flavors of decaffeinated green tea available to make a plentiful selection of teas for your tea gift basket.

Other great items that you can include in green tea gift baskets are snacks to go along with your teas, such as dried fruits, lightly salted nuts, bite size pretzels or tea cookies. Another great idea is to include flavored stir sticks in your tea gift baskets. There are a variety of flavors available to offer a fun way to sweeten tea as it is consumed.

Other ways to customize your green tea gift baskets is with some unique items such as scented candles. Jasmine and lavender scents compliment tea baskets well. Another idea is a nice tea cup or a small flower arrangement in the center of the tea gift basket to add a personal touch. Depending on the gift occasion, there are many fun ideas for center piece items that you can add to your green tea gift basket to personalize it for your recipient. The best thing about green tea gift baskets is that they can be given at any time throughout the year since tea can be served hot or cold for a refreshing, healthy beverage no matter how the recipient prefers it. Give green tea gift baskets to show that you really care!

For more information on green teas and other teas information, such as tea gift baskets and oolong tea and weight loss, please go to Tea Gift Set website.

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Home Coffee Grinding

When you need the best possible cup of coffee that you can pick up, where do you usually go? Do you head right down to your neighborhood coffee shop for fresh made coffee? Or, do you have the proper equipment at home to make the freshest pot? Should you delight in brewing coffee at your house, then you might want to think about obtaining a coffee grinder. A coffee grinder offers you the freshest coffee possible simply because it is possible to shop for the coffee beans whole and be able to grind them when you decide available to use them. For those who have never used a coffee grinder, now is the perfect time to discover exactly how one of these brilliant little devices in your kitchen area can help provide you with the greatest cup of joe daily

What does a grinder accomplish? You can find many different types of grinders available to everyone on the market. Whenever you grind your coffee beans at home, it should allow your coffee a lesser amount of subjection to the air, as a result providing you with the finest grounds attainable. One other fantastic thing about utilizing a coffee grinder is that one could grind simply the amount of beans that you will use. You can save the rest and keep it fresh for your subsequent pot of coffee. By using a grinder, you will insert the beans into a receptacle, which will circulate the beans over a blade or some other device to provide your beans the right texture for brewing. There are three categories of grinders that you can pick from and of those three kinds of grinders the costs may vary from quite inexpensive to extremely costly. For those who have never put to use a grinder previously, or you intend to use your grinder only occasionally, then there isn’t a cause to invest big money on a grinder. The best choice is to acquire one that is practical and reasonably priced.

A look at the kinds of grinders: Whenever you get ready to commit your money into a coffee grinder, you will be able to select from a crusher, blade or even a burr grinder. The blade grinder is probably the most favored and the cheapest. Nevertheless, you should understand that this sort of grinder really only cut your coffee beans into very small pieces. This can generate bits of beans which might be inconsistent in size. The size of your coffee grounds will certainly be important to the quality and uniformity of your brewed cup of coffee. The best type of grinder is a crusher with the burr grinder subsequent in second. The crusher essentially crushes the coffee beans into standard grounds for simple as well as unsurpassed brewing.

When you begin to look for a coffee grinder, you should always keep a number of elements in your head. To begin with, you will have to make certain that your grinder is made solidly. Great engineering is the answer to a long-lasting coffee grinder. Second of all, you will need to be sure that your coffee grinder is easy to clean. The various components should remove conveniently and you should be able to put it together again with ease. Lat but not least, you should consider the sound. A coffee grinder can be very loud, so check out various different brands to ascertain which one fits your needs.

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Where to Buy Espresso Machines – Frequently Overlooked Places

Many people are unsure where to buy espresso machines. Is it best to buy one locally or are there some good deals to be had online? This article will give some pointers to help you decide where the best place to buy espresso machines is.

The first thing you should consider is price.

If you’re in the market for a more expensive machine (1000+) it may in your best interest to look around at local dealers. Since you’re spending a great deal on your espresso maker, it would be ideal to live in close proximity to where you are purchasing it in case anything goes wrong. Plus it is often easier to talk to someone face to face when you are comparing the more advanced characteristics of the expensive machines.

If however you are looking to buy an espresso maker in the $100 – $500 price range, you will find that online is where to buy espresso machines to get the best deal.

The reason for this is because there is a much larger market for espresso makers in this price range. There are more people looking to buy cheap to moderate espresso makers than there are for the more expensive models. As a result, there are more products available in this price range.

Since online sellers have access to a much larger market (global) they are able to lower the price per machine. You can take advantage of this by purchasing your new espresso machine from a big seller online.

But after determining to buy an espresso maker online, many people are still unsure of where to buy espresso machines from amongst all the different sellers.

In my opinion, one of the best sellers online is Amazon.com. They are one of the more reputable ones out there and they frequently have the lowest prices on most of their products. It is worth it to check out some of Amazon’s prices before you commit to buying a new machine, because chances are, Amazon has the most competitive price for the machine your interested in.

If you’re looking to get the best deal on a new home espresso maker, online is often the best place to find out where to buy espresso machines for the most competitive price.

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